If you require a refurbishment or upgrade to your restaurant, or wish to convert your premises to a restaurant, MJ Builders can provide the expertise you need to achieve the standards you require.

You may already have plans drawn up, or we can have them drawn up for you; we will submit them for planning approval where necessary, liaise with a structural engineer if required and work with the buildings inspector to ensure building regulations are met. You could also take the opportunity to look at the efficiency of your restaurant, as it will be a good time to upgrade your appliances and install more environmentally friendly units.

We can fit out a new restaurant or refurbish an existing one by upgrading the heating, redecorating, installing new ceilings, replacing serving areas and counters and installing new kitchen units.

MJ Builders can also help you change the feel of your restaurant by offering everything from minor refurbishment to complete renovation or restoration.

  • Plastering
  • Repair, renewal or replacement of appliances
  • Construction or remodelling of service areas
  • Replacing or installing central heating
  • Wall and floor tiling, wooden floor fitting
  • Replacing or fitting of drainpipes, guttering, fascias and soffits

  • Heating and ventilation installation and testing
  • Plumbing and testing of new units
  • Installing new drainage and testing
  • Rewiring
  • Electrical inspection and testing to current legislation
  • Replacing or fitting windows, doors, sills and architraves

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With over 25 years of building experience that ranges from building houses and restaurants to ponds and fireplaces, we have it all covered!

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As part of the service that we offer, our tradesmen are fully insured in the unlikely chance that we accidentally damage the project or surrounding area.

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Unlike majority of our competition, we will come out to see you for free before providing you with an accurate estimate ensuring you get fair pricing all around.

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We always endeavor to ensure we give you the best possible price and overall budget, we aim to give you a complete price upfront by asking the right questions.

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